The Development
Oxylent answers the need for an efficacious, exceptional quality, and highly bioavailable daily supplement. In today’s market, consumers have many choices of nutritional supplements that address the need for vitamins and minerals. But what has been lacking is a simple yet powerful blend of nutrients that can be taken daily while easily used by the body to gain the results that today’s consumer wants. This was achieved by Vitalah through the collaboration of experts in the health industry, leaders in successful health companies, naturopaths, doctors and scientists. Lisa Lent, CEO and founder, worked with these great minds to develop a supplement that would change how people view vitamins and would pioneer new technology and options for improved health.

The Inspiration
Vitalah was founded by Lisa Lent, a world traveler who wanted to find the perfect health supplement for her busy, active life. She discovered that her choices in the marketplace did not meet her needs so began the journey in 2001 to create a supplement she always wanted. To read more about Lisa. 








The Product
Rest assured that we are as invested in your health as you are. Start off each day with Oxylent and drink to your health! Enjoy it alone or as a vehicle for your daily fish oil. (For a high quality fish oil try Nordic Naturals.) Have an Oxylent day by ensuring premium quality supplements are part of your daily health regime.





The Manufacturer
Our manufacturers are GMP certified and retain an incredible reputation of excellence in the health industry. Their commitment to only source raw materials from top suppliers ensures that our process includes only the highest quality ingredients. For example, Oxylent is made exclusively with Albion Minerals and carries the Gold Medallion status, awarded only to those Albion customers whose products have been recognized for their mineral excellence.

Albion® Human Nutrition is the most established and globally recognized leader in the chelate industry. Albion is the first bis-glycinate chelate manufacturer to be approved by EFSA, European Food Safety Authority.

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